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From July 9, 2002. Reprinted with permission.


MIKE BULLARD: "Our next guest plays Chloe Sullivan on the hit series Smallville. Take a look folks, take a look at some of her work."

[scene from Dichotic]

Chloe: "How about an interview?"

Ian: "Ok, alright. Take it easy on me, your reputation precedes you."

Chloe: "I have a feeling I№ll be able to leave my hard hitting reporter hat at home this time, so don№t worry."

[/scene from Dichotic]

MIKE BULLARD: "Here she is, Allison Mack! Very nice to meet you."

ALLISON MACK: "Nice to meet you."

MIKE BULLARD: "Now, where are you from originally?"

ALLISON MACK: "I№m, originally I was born in Germany, so..."

MIKE BULLARD: "Right, okay."

ALLISON MACK: "I have a certificate of a person born abroad, which is kind of cool."

MIKE BULLARD: "Oh, a person from abroad, ok."

ALLISON MACK: "Um, yes! Or an American born abroad, I mean."

MIKE BULLARD: "Right, right."

ALLISON MACK: "And then, um, I grew up in Los Angeles."

MIKE BULLARD: "Isn№t that nice."


MIKE BULLARD: "Germany and Los Angeles. And, and you№re sane?"

ALLISON MACK: "Ah, yeah! I№m very."

MIKE BULLARD: "Oh, good, good."

ALLISON MACK: "I know, it№s amazing!"

MIKE BULLARD: "Now, you see this is the second season of Smallville."

ALLISON MACK: "Mm hmmm."

MIKE BULLARD: "Great for you. Now do you and, uh, Clark Kent get along all right?"


MIKE BULLARD: "Tom Welling."

ALLISON MACK: "Tom Welling is awesome. The only complaint I have about Tom is that he is a man of steel, like he is a super duper strong guy, like he№s this really, you know..."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah he is a very big fellow."

ALLISON MACK: "--a manly man. And the first season we always had these scenes where he comes in and, you know, saves us, because he№s Superman."


ALLISON MACK: "And it was like my first scene where I was getting saved and he has to run in and he stands there and, you know, flexes his chest..."


ALLISON MACK: "and I run in and he embraces me and it№s all..."


ALLISON MACK: "Wonderful. Well, my head comes right up to his chest..."


ALLISON MACK: "And he has got a very strong chest."

MIKE BULLARD: "Right, yeah."

Person in audience: "Woo!"

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah, I know. So, I№m getting all geared up and ready to go..."


ALLISON MACK: "And they yell ЊAction!№ and I race in and my head bounces right off of his chest."


ALLISON MACK: "It was like a full on ricochet effect..."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, yeah."

ALLISON MACK: "And I, after like the fifth time, I was like ЊTom, I№m getting a little bit of a concussion..."


ALLISON MACK: "'So if you could just envelope, maybe a little bit.№"

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, a hug. Like maybe a hug."

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah. Soften just the feel."

MIKE BULLARD: "Well Clark Kent doesn№t hug. Superman hugs, Clark Kent doesn№t hug."


MIKE BULLARD: "If you had read the comic books you would have known that."

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah, ohh."

MIKE BULLARD: "Clark Kent doesn№t hug but Superman does."

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah. Well I№m not a comic book character so I didn№t have to do too much of that."

MIKE BULLARD: "Clark is emotionally unavailable. Superman however..."

ALLISON MACK: "Very! Yeah."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, Superman is just a pile of sappiness."

ALLISON MACK: "He№s a mu... big pile of mush, but, you know, Lois gets him anyway."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, that№s right. Lois gets him, that№s right, but we don№t get to see Lois, cause this is Smallville, Lois is not in the picture."

ALLISON MACK: "You are very good!"

MIKE BULLARD: "Well I read all the..."

ALLISON MACK: "You know what you№re talking about."

MIKE BULLARD: "Well I read all the comic books, ahh, through high school."


MIKE BULLARD: "Instead of what I was supposed to be doing which is getting an education."


MIKE BULLARD: "Now this is, do you do your own stunts on the show, because there are quite, it№s very stunt heavy, that show."

ALLISON MACK: "I uh, they try. I№m not very coordinated. Like the fact that I got down the stairs in these shoes is amazing."



MIKE BULLARD: "Well, we№ll give you some kind of..."


MIKE BULLARD: "stunt treat for that, yeah."

ALLISON MACK: "Woohoo! Well, they put me on a horse, that was this one scen where I was riding a horse, with Kristin Kreuk, who plays Lana, and Tom Welling."


ALLISON MACK: "And it as my first time ever on a horse, like, ever. And so I got on and I№m feeling so good, like Њyeah, dude, I№m a natural, like I should go and be a cowgirl or something.№"


ALLISON MACK: "And so I№m riding with Tom back so we can get into our first positions and all the sudden Tom looks at me and like, gives me a sort of like wink, and his horse speeds up. So I№m like "ahh, ok, I get ya, I can handle this№ so my horse speeds up, and his horse starts to trot."


ALLISON MACK: "And then my horse just gets a bee in its bonnet and takes off..."


ALLISON MACK: "and like Tom says that the only thing he can see is my bum like three feet off the saddle and I№m holding on for dear life."

MIKE BULLARD: "Which to me would not be a bad thing."

ALLISON MACK: "Well, yeah. I do work out."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, ok, good, good. Ok, hahahahah, ok."

ALLISON MACK: "And after that they decided to get me a stunt girl and I haven№t done many of my own stunts since."

MIKE BULLARD: "Ahh, yeah, ok."


MIKE BULLARD: "Now a lot of actors get nervous through the audition process."


MIKE BULLARD: "Has that ever happened to you, do you ever get a little nervous when you have a call?"

ALLISON MACK: "The only time I ever got really stressed out was when I was twelve and I№ve been acting ever since I was four, so I№ve been acting for a really long time."

MIKE BULLARD: "Oh yeah, ok."

ALLISON MACK: "But I was twelve years old and had a huge crush on Elijah Wood. He№s in Lord of the Rings."

MIKE BULLARD: "Boy, we really have a lot in common!"

ALLISON MACK: "Oh? Weird."

MIKE BULLARD: "Huge crush on Elijah Wood."

ALLISON MACK: "Huge crush. Like I had pictures of him all over my wall, did you do that too?"

MIKE BULLARD: "Oh... me..." *shakes head*

ALLISON MACK: "And he was doing this movie called..."

MIKE BULLARD: "Til I got the letter from his lawyers."

ALLISON MACK: "Oh.... anyway... Um, he was doing this movie called Flipper, which was like a remake of the old tv series."


ALLISON MACK: "And I had gone in for like three or four time, they really liked me, it was all great. So then finally I had to go in and meet with Elijah and read with Elijah and I walked, I was going, I was totally cool. I№m like ЊYeah mom, it№s totally fine, I№m not gonna be nervous at all, it№s gonna be great, yeah, he№s gonna love me, blah, whatever.№ I walk in the room and I see him and all the saliva in my mouth disappears."


ALLISON MACK: "And I№m standing there staring at him and like my teeth, my gums, my lips and sticking to my guns and my teeth are hanging out like I have dentures on, and he№s staring at me like I№m totally retarded."


ALLISON MACK: "And needless to say I didn№t get the part."


AM :"It was an awful, awful, awful audition and I think the next time I meet Elijah I№m gonna change my name and pretend."

MIKE BULLARD: "Well if you don№t mind me saying so I saw the movie and what a lucky break for you."

ALLISON MACK: "Hahahaha."

MIKE BULLARD: "Now, acting is like a transit, it№s very difficult, you know, you№re on the show, you№re not on the show, you№re doing a commercial, then you№re not doing a commercial. Is it lonely for you? Do you, do you, you№re living in Vancouver, it№s not really your hometown."

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah, I№m living in Vancouver and luckily my lovely boyfriend just decided to move up with me."

MIKE BULLARD: "Aww, that№s nice."

ALLISON MACK: "And we got a dog."

MIKE BULLARD: "Aww, that№s nice."

ALLISON MACK: "I love dogs, I have, we got a puppy, his name is [Phantom]. We actually have a picture of him..."

MIKE BULLARD: "Oh you have a picture of your puppy, let№s take a look."

ALLISON MACK: "Maybe we should show it now, yeah, let№s show."

*shows picture of Allison and her dog*

MIKE BULLARD: "Awww, isn№t that cute."

ALLISON MACK: "Thats Santo!"


ALLISON MACK: "Isn№t he the cutest?"

MIKE BULLARD: "He is, he№s a cute dog."

ALLISON MACK: "He№s the best dog ever."


ALLISON MACK: "And he is like..."

MIKE BULLARD: "He№s a German Shepard isn№t he?"

ALLISON MACK: "He№s a Shepard and a Malamute and just a whole bunch of stuff."

MIKE BULLARD: "Oh yeah. Oh, don№t worry about the things you read about them."

ALLISON MACK: "Oh! He№s very good."

MIKE BULLARD: "They rarely turn out wrong."

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah, right! That№s what I№ve heard."

MIKE BULLARD: "Just the neighbor№s."

ALLISON MACK: "He№s fabulous. His paws, he№s gonna be so big, his paws are the same size as my palm."


ALLISON MACK: "He№s huge."

MIKE BULLARD: "So he№s gonna be about your size."

ALLISON MACK: "Yeah, well bigger than me probably."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, a little bigger."

ALLISON MACK: "He№s amazing though. He№s like, well, this is the first time I№ve been away from his for more than twelve hours at a time, so like leaving this morning to go to the airport, I was leaving and was it was like a huge big deal."


ALLISON MACK: "And I№m callign him from the airport, and my boyfriend№s name is Peter, and I was like ЊPeter, is he ok? Is everything ok?№"

MIKE BULLARD: "Next time put him in a suit and buy him a ticket."

ALLISON MACK: "I should, yeah. You know what, he№s very well behaved, more well behaved that the people that I was sitting next to in the row..."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah well, you know the people in the plane..."

ALLISON MACK: "so I could probably get away with it."

MIKE BULLARD: "are often, ah, bad news. Now, what I really wanted to do was, somebody told me you do tongue tricks, I wanted to see you do some kind of tongue tricks, and, uh, I was hoping you№d do that before we went to commercial."

ALLISON MACK: "Hahahahaha, well, um, there№s this one kind of fancy one... and it№s like ah..."


*Allison does fancy tongue trick*

MIKE BULLARD: "Whoa, that№s..."

ALLISON MACK: "Kind of a good one. Kind of a good on, you can tell what I did in elementary school on the school bus."

MIKE BULLARD: "Yeah, that№s wonderful. Very nice."

ALLISON MACK: "You were reading comic books, I was playing with my tongue."

MIKE BULLARD: "Well you№re a lovely poised person..."

ALLISON MACK: "Thank you."

MIKE BULLARD: "and I want to thank you very much for being here and we№ll see you again soon."

ALLISON MACK: "Thanks for having me."

MIKE BULLARD: "Smallville, ladies and gentlemen!"

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