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Welcome to allison-mack.com!

This fan site is devoted to Allison Mack, a tremendously talented young actress who can currently be seen as Chloe Sullivan in the WB hit series, Smallville. Inside, you will find articles, images, and downloads from many of Allison's projects including Smallville, Opposite Sex and My Horrible Year!, television series and movie guides, image galleries, her bio, charity information, and more!

Smallville is back, and fans were worried for a while there about Allison's character Chloe Sullivan, but never fear! Allison is back for another year of the hit WB series.

Check out the latest allison-mack com exclusive interview!

TheSmallville Yearbook hits stores May 25th! Jam packed with 100 pages of interviews the series stars (including Allison Mack), executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough, a special behind-the-scenes peek at the hit series with director Greg Beeman, and never-before-seen publicity stills from the series, it's a must-have souvenir for any and all Smallville fans! Live in the US and want a sneak peek? Check out the Yearbook Give-Away!

AOL and the WB have launched the second season of The Chloe Chronicles! "The reaction to the 'Chloe Chronicles' last season far exceeded our wildest expectations," said Lisa Gregorian, Senior Vice President, Warner Bros. Television Creative Services. "In a wonderful example of cross-company promotion, the storyline of 'Chloe Chronicles' starts on the pages of DC Comics' Smallville, continues on AOL and wraps up back in the comic books. Not only does this offer added content for viewers of the 'Smallville' television show, readers of the comic book and to members of AOL, but also drives exposure beyond the television screen, comic book and computer, hopefully creating new viewers, readers and online fans along the way." The first episode premiered on AOL for Broadband April 14th, with new episodes to follow each week as the series counts down to the explosive season finale.

Al Gough recently sat down and dished with Kryptonsite, and following the success of last year's Chloe Chronicles, the WB will once again be teaming up with AOL and producing a new series of video "webisodes" featuring Allison Mack as intrepid report Chloe Sullivan.

Check out the brand new MegaCon Gallery, featuring photos taken at the con held in Orlando March 5-7th!

Check out a brand new "fan encounter" with photos from Allison's appearance at MegaCon at sister-site Girl Friday!

MediaSharx reader 'Man Thing' attended MegaCon in orlando, and shares with fellow Allison Mack fans some details of his encounter with the always charming Ms Mack. "She says that Tom Welling has definitely talked to the people at the Superman movie about starring in it - and she said "personally I think he's the one actor that could do that role justice - he is Superman!" She assured us that the superman film is still happening, because the film folks are talking to the tv folks about not treading on anyone's toes and vice versa. Someone said she should play Lois, and she said that'd be too weird and after all, they've already got Jessica Beal or Beyonce." For more titbits from his chat with Allison at the autograph session, check out MediaSharx!

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