Troubleshooting Outdoor Grill Repair

After a long winter, you’re ready to get your grill up and running. But, after firing it up to check if the flames are blue and a light goes on, you notice that something isn’t right.

Whether it’s a broken igniter, a faulty button or wire problem, or a simple issue such as dirt or rust on the grill’s electrodes, there are several common issues with gas grills that can easily be fixed without having to purchase a new one.

The Problem: Ignition Doesn’t Work

Some grills have independent ignitions for each burner, while others use a single igniter to fire up all the burners at once. The igniter is located near a burner and can be either push-button (piezoelectric) or battery-powered, depending on the model. If all the other burners ignite but the igniter won’t light, it could be because of a dead battery, a worn-out spark module, or loose wires. In some climates, water can freeze in gas lines and prevent grills from working properly. Bringing the tank inside during cold weather or draining the line and thawing it before using can help prevent this problem.

The Problem: Uneven Heat

Virtually all gas grills have a non-uniform heating surface because of hotter or cooler corners, edges and spaces between burners. If this is a new problem, there could be a blockage in the side burner’s gas orifice. If the orifice is clogged, it may be possible to clear it by tapping or blowing into the regulator vent hole. Otherwise, it will be necessary to replace the entire regulator. Consult your owner manual for detailed instructions on how to do this.

The Problem: Flare-ups

Sometimes oil, fat or grease drips off food and onto the burners causing flame flare-ups. This can be a serious fire hazard and may be the result of blocked burner holes, a dirty grill interior or a cracked gas manifold pipe. Regularly cleaning the grates, flame shields and hoses to remove food debris, oil or grease can help prevent this issue.

A damaged or faulty grill can be a fire hazard and cause injuries. Depending on the issue, certain parts (such as hoses, valves, control valves, venturi tubes and igniters) need to be replaced in order to make the grill safe to use. For your safety, and peace of mind, we recommend calling the professionals at Home Repair Services, Inc for any issues you cannot fix with your own troubleshooting. Our licensed Memphis outdoor grill repair professional will provide up-front pricing, and you can trust that the job will be done right with our Neighborly Done Right Promise.

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