What is the most important thing in using outdoor signage?

Outdoor signs are the silent salesman of your business, working 24/7 to attract customers and clients to your locations. It’s important to reevaluate the condition of your exterior signage and its effectiveness on an annual basis to ensure it continues to promote your brand in a way that stands out to passersby.

Outdoor signage changes can be as simple as adding your new e-shop address, updating a phone number or revealing a different motto — these types of revisions are easy to make at a reasonable cost and can significantly improve the visibility of your signage. If you’re looking for an entirely new look, an expert signage professional can create a custom sign design that blends seamlessly into your existing outdoor signs at a minimal expense.

Window signs and graphics are a popular type of outdoor signage because they can showcase anything written on any smooth surface. They are often used to display mottos, quotes, operating hours, addresses, company names, contact information and seasonal promotions. They can also add an attractive design element to a window or door while still providing privacy and creating a welcoming entryway for your customers.

Based on what Outdoor Signs Chicago says that these types of outdoor business signs are usually affixed to walls or posts in high-traffic areas near your business. They’re effective at displaying important event, sale or location information and can be easily updated with the change of seasons. They’re a great alternative to interruptive marketing practices like spamming consumers’ email inboxes or calling them during unwelcome times.

Often seen in shopping centers, apartment complexes and campgrounds, directional signs help guide people to their destinations with arrows or maps. They’re typically made of a durable material that can withstand the elements, including winds, snow and rain. They can also be backlit to help them stand out in the dark or in low-light situations.

Monument, pylon and marquee signs can display a large message or even serve as the main focal point of your outdoor business sign. They’re commonly made of aluminum or steel for durability and are a great way to create a bold, eye-catching statement. They may feature a unique shape or be an interesting color to help them stand out in the crowd.

Sign frames, posts and supplemental fittings can be added to your outdoor business signs to enhance their appearance and functionality. For example, a decorative sign header can highlight important points of interest for a restaurant or a monument-style sign can be enhanced with a decorative base cap, post finials or iron scrolls.

Your outdoor business signs are an extension of your branding and must balance professionalism with personality to remain effective at attracting passersby. Creative, surprising or thought-provoking designs will help your customers remember your brand and its products and services longer. Your local SpeedPro studio is prepared to assist you in designing, printing and installing high-quality outdoor business signs that accomplish your marketing goals. Visit your closest studio today to get started.

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